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Her kan du læse om mine udstillinger og andre ting der berører mit liv som billedkunstner

Om min udstilling på National Glass Centre i Sunderland i England:

Faranak Sohi, Fried Egg, Bread and Orange
Artist Profiles
Faranak Sohi (Demark/Iran)
Faranak Sohi recreates objects and images of everyday items adding new meaning and value.

Faranak Sohi was born in Iran. She came to Denmark in 1984, and lives and works in Odder, south of Aarhus. Faranak Sohi trained as a graphic artist, and has worked with many different materials, including painting, collage, drawing, embroidery, street art, photography, sound and video.

Her art work draws on her own life. She often comments and discusses the problems of cultural clashes, based on her own experiences in Iran and Denmark.

A fundamental experience is a bazaar, which forms a backdrop for her work, playing on all the senses with colour, sounds, smells, and an abundance of multicoloured visual patterns, people’s clothes, and beads in all sorts of colours. Faranak Sohi refers to the visual richness of the Middle East, taking in traditional Iranian embroidery when she embroiders everyday motifs in brilliantly coloured beads on cardboard: an alarm clock, a hairdryer, a motor saw, a Danish Kähler vase – objects that could have been taken from a Danish home magazine or an advertising catalogue. Her works are humorous and surprising pictures of everyday things we find around us, but which gain a new meaning when they are depicted in beads. Faranak Sohi’s beaded works link up with a world of motifs and an idiom found in pop-art, where everyday objects – washing powder and cans of soup – are presented in a style drawn from the world of advertising. By combining it with bead technique, Faranak Sohi alludes at the same time to embroidery as a traditional craft for women.

With thanks to Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Denmark, who presented the first iteration of this exhibition.

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